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A Repeat of 2016?

Only 28 more days to go until the the presidential election and Donald Trump is back at the White House after being treated for the China virus at Walter Reed medical center. On Saturday the media was once again speculating on whether the president was "faking it" and wasn't truly ill, or that his doctors were "sugar coating" (as Chris Wallace on Fox News said) the true status of his condition. Again, AS USUAL they were all WRONG.

Such a disgusting media we have. The left in general is disgusting. The same people that just a couple of days ago were asking that president Trump condemn "hate" were wishing he die of the virus. Leftists on Twitter were openly saying they hoped the president would die . A Morning Consult poll said 40% of Democrats would like president Trump to die. This is who we are dealing with.

So the president is back at the White House. No word on whether he will be holding anymore rallies but nevertheless, the rallies have been coming to him. Dozens of supporters were rallying outside of Walter Reed wishing the president a quick recovery. It goes to show you all the love and adoration the people truly have for this president.

POLLS: I repeat of 2016 show the polls have Joe Biden substantially ahead . Interestingly, I decided to look at some of the archived news reports from 2016. The Atlantic, which recently came up with a bogus story about Trump calling our military "losers" and "suckers", said in an article in October 2016 that it was all over for Trump. Hillary was up by double digits and his support from women had plummeted. The New York Times gave Hillary Clinton a 91% chance she would beat Donald Trump. Every media outlet said Clinton beat Trump handily in the first debate. CNN had Hillary Clinton up by 12% points. Virtually every media outlet were predicting that Hillary Clinton would win in a landslide.

Now in 2020 the media are at it again. Yahoo just came out with an article that Trump has lost support among college educated women, but college educated people in general usually vote Democrat anyway. CNN this year is saying Biden is beating Trump by 14% points. However, notice they aren't focusing much on the minority vote this time around. Maybe it's because several polls have shown that Trump's approval rating with blacks and Hispanics has significantly increased. A poll by the Spanish network Telemundo showed that 67% of their viewers thought president Trump won the first debate against Biden. The polls are showing that for both blacks and Hispanics the approval rating for Trump has shot up by at least 10% points for each group. That is probably why the media doesn't want to talk about that because they know if that's true, Biden will not win the election.

So why are the polls no longer accurate? Instead of polling people who have consistently voted in presidential election, they over sample people who may have an opinion but who don't necessarily go out and vote -as we know, most people do not vote. The other issue is, people are not evenly picked county by county. Meaning, the most populated cities and counties are usually over sampled therefore Democrats are over sampled because big cities usually tend to vote Democrat. Also, look at the source. A CNN poll would probably tend to go Democrat considering they are an ultra left wing network therefore most of their viewers would be left wing. When you break it down like this, it is obvious why the Democrat is always favored.

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