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  • Crystal Prebola

All Lives Matter is NOT racist!

That's where were at in 2020. If you say "All lives matter" you are deemed a racist. If you believe in being color blind, you are a racist. The very notion that we should focus on the person's skin color was once considered racist. Not anymore. A black person's skin color is solely the most important thing. Employers should hire people based on a person's skin color and specifically a black person's skin color. That's what it has come down to, even if they don't exactly say it in those words. If blacks should be judged by their skin color, one would think that would make them inferior to whites because we are essentially reducing them to only their skin color. But our world is so upside down, thanks to the left many don't seem to understand this basic point of what the left is saying. They do not comprehend it as they are too busy "virtue signaling' for their own selfish reasons. Well, I don't care how much they try to defame me. I have enough sense to know that believing "all lives matter" is NOT racist. THEY are the racists!

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