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All The Lies Obama Told At The DNC Convention

Former President Barack Obama continued to show any lack of respect for the presidency last night during a speech he gave at the Democratic National Convention. As he took potshot after potshot at his predecessor - Donald Trump, he seemed bitter and totally disgraced himself. I listed some comments made by Obama that are baseless lies.

"He (President Trump) had no interest in taking the job seriously. No interest in finding common ground".. Wow. Yes because Obama and the left are very interested in "finding common ground". The same people who want socialized medicine and the green new deal. The people who have repeatedly said they are the "resistance" to Trump.. Yes, Obama and the left are really interested in "finding common ground". But this is what they do; they project their doings onto us so that they look like they're on a moral high ground. This has always been their strategy.

"Donald Trump has used the presidency to help himself and his friends". Of course, he never gives examples. This is all just demagoguery and words meant to stir up emotional and ignorant people. President Trump donates his entire salary, and there is no evidence that he has unethically used the presidency for his own personal gain. In fact, he is worth less now than before he became president. So Barack Obama basically told a flat out lie.

"President Trump is responsible for 170,000 Covid-19 deaths". How is Trump responsible for 170,000 deaths? Does that mean every leader in every country is responsible for all the Covid deaths there? This comment is so outrageous. Yet, he can say it so easily because he has no conscience. You can't have a conscience if you're on the left - they can get away with saying anything because the media will NEVER hold them accountable. Every governor of every state had responsibilities also. President Trump cannot control what every Governor does; as with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo who sent Covid infected people into nursing homes in which tens of thousands of elderly people died because of it. How was that President Trump's fault? In fact, most of the Covid deaths were in blue states run by Democrat Governors.

"Thousands of jobs lost". Uh, yeah thousands of jobs lost. And who has been pushing for this lockdown the most? DEMOCRATS. President Trump's instincts were always to open the economy back up as soon as possible. It has been Democrat governors who half a year later continue to keep everything shut. If we open things up people will die and it's Trump's fault. If we stay on lockdown the economy collapses and it's Trump's fault. You think they didn't think of using this strategy from the very beginning? Who's kidding who, Obama and the Democrats have been loving this pandemic as they continue to use it for political purposes.

Barack Obama is an actor. A petty shallow man who because of a lack of a father figure in his life he never really found any kind of true meaning. He never developed any kind of principles other than gaining political power. Instead, community activism through the eyes of Saul Alynski was the thing that made him feel like he had meaning. Crapping on America, and reigniting racial tensions was the only thing he successfully did as president. He has been the genesis for where we are now with the riots and cities burning throughout the country. He set back race relations for decades, then he has the audacity to say it is Trump who is divisive. Again, it's a typical characteristic of the left - project all your doings onto your opponent. Then pretend to stand on higher ground.

"Our worst impulses unleashed". Again, what is that supposed to mean? Is it Trump supporters rioting and burning down cities across America? We're having boat parades and waving the flag. We're not angry, we're not the ones who hate our country.

"America's reputation around the world has been badly diminished".. It wasn't Trump who gave our enemies of Iran $150 billion in the horrible Iran Deal. It wasn't president Trump who went around the world apologizing to our enemies on behalf of America, making our country look weak. What flag were the Chinese waving during the anti communist protests? Hint: It was Red, White, and Blue.

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