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  • Crystal Prebola

Dems Control Our Public Schools While They Send Their Own Kids To Private School

The Democrats have full control of our educational system, yet they send their own kids to private school.

The Democrats love Obamacare so much that they exempt themselves from it.

The Democrats want to defund the police, but they have armed security.

The Democrats don't believe in I.D.s when voting but you can't get into the Democratic National Convention without an I.D.

Democrat women tell us how problematic white men are in America but they're all married to white men.

Democrats say women are more than just sex objects so let's wear "pussy hats" to show how empowered we are.

The Democrats say Russians influencing our elections are bad, but illegals voting in our elections are good.

The Democrats believe that Joe Biden blackmailing the President of the Ukraine is okay but Donald Trump inquiring about it is wrong.

The Democrats believe gender is not important but it is very important to have a female President.

The Democrats believe it is no one's business what a woman does with "her body" but we all must pay for her birth control.

>>>>And pointing out all of their hypocrisy makes us "racists"!

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