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FLASHBACK Dr. Fauci: "President Trump's response to the virus 'impressive'"

With the corrupt media coverage and people's short term memory, it is to no surprise how quickly we've all forgotten the swift response to Covid-19 by the Trump administration.

January 2020- While the Democrats were busy completely focused on their phony impeachment of president Donald Trump, Trump was busy forming the White House Covid-19 task force.

At the time CDC Director Dr. Anthony Fauci told the American people that the virus wouldn't be a problem. The media and the Democrats weren't showing any sense of urgency; they were downplaying it. Now they are trying to tell us it was president Trump who wasn't taking it seriously. It's nice when you get to re-write history!

February 2nd- President Trump enacts the China travel ban. Not surprisingly, the Democrats condemned him for it and begin calling him a "Xenophobe. The speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi even went to San Francisco's China Town for a photo-op and to show how "pro-China" she was.

The Democrats have been playing Monday morning quarterback right along with the media since this whole thing started. But what they don't want to remind us of is how Obama and Biden handled the Swine Flu pandemic under their administration. They essentially waited until over 20,000 people had died before they even declared it a national emergency. Obama even had the CDC stop all counting of the infected so to cover-up the severity of the virus.

If we're going to blame anyone for the problems it would be the Center for Disease Control (CDC), considering it was they who initially told us it was under control. Most of all, we never hear the media or the Democrats condemning China for anything. Even though they recklessly started it and kept it hidden from the world for months.

Interestingly, it has been blue states such as New York where Governor Andrew Cuomo completely and incompetently ordered Covid infected people into nursing homes which lead to the deaths of tens of thousands of elderly people. New York was the epicenter of all the Covid chaos yet somehow HE gets praised.

In the end, it has always been about politics to Democrats. Thousands of people could have been saved if it weren't for the fact they have politicized the usage of Hydroxychloroquine because president Trump mentioned it's positive effects in early stages of the virus. During the onset of Covid-19, many governors, including Cuomo thanked president Trump for the efficient response to needed items such as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and other needed equipment. Our testing rates are the highest of any other country.

Unlike Obama with Swine Flu, president Trump didn't wait to take action 20,000 deaths in. He stopped the flights from infected countries when only a handful of Americans had been infected. We forget that we haven't seen a pandemic like this is a hundred years. You can't compare it to Swine Flu yet president Trump did better than Obama with something that has been much worse. Had Hillary been president, there would have been nothing more efficient she could have done.

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