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  • Crystal Prebola

Joe Biden: "I Love Kids Jumping On My Lap"

I posted this on Facebook a few days ago and it quickly gained traction. But something happened about 65 likes in and numerous comments; the comments and likes suddenly stopped. Has this ever happened to you? When you write a comment that Facebook has no way of labeling "against our community guidelines" or "fact checkers" can't claim it to be false, suddenly it's like your comment is hidden? Well, it has been. The communists over at Facebook are using their third strategy to try and silence you. It's called "Shaddow Banning".

The comment above made by Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is true, and the media has swept it under the rug. Can you imagine if Donald Trump had said ANYTHING close to this how the media would be responding? This not only brings up to question the mental state of Joe Biden but it also seems to reaffirm the suspicions we've had of him being a pervert who likes to get uncomfortably close to women and children. Where are the panels of psychologists we saw analyzing Trump, where are they now in analyzing Joe Biden's mental state?

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