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  • Crystal Prebola

Joe Biden: "Trump Has Cloaked America In Darkness"

It was a little confusion watching the last day of the Democratic convention. They showed a young black woman standing on a vehicle waving a gigantic American flag. But what have we been seeing from those same people for the past three months? Flag burning, statue toppling, calling America 'systemically racist' and now suddenly at this convention they love America again? Do the American people not see what is happening here? The Democrats are behaving like the mafia, in which they will burn and tear down our country city by city should you continue to support president Trump. They are telling you that they will only stop if you vote for them. They will love America again. Like Michelle Obama saying 'the first time she was proud of her country was when her husband was elected president'.

Joe Biden's speech although it gave most in the media a 'thrill up their leg', was such BS. "The current president has cloaked America in darkness for much too long. Too much anger. Too much fear. Too much division." What world does HE live in? Prior to the Covid, America's economy had been advancing to the greatest levels it had in almost a hundred years. Unemployment for every race and gender was at an all time low, that included blacks and Hispanics. People were working again, America was becoming the strongest most prosperous nation again. But six months later after the China virus began, Democrat governors have refused to completely reopen their states.

The entire reasons for why we are in this so-called "darkness" is because of Democrats and their never ending shutdowns and because of the Democrat riots. These riots have put a tremendous strain on small businesses. Businesses that were already struggling because of the virus then they had to deal with looters and rioters burning down their businesses. How is any of this Donald Trump's fault?

We look at the first responders, and Americans who have come together during this pandemic to help one another in ways we couldn't have imagined. The best in Americans, has come to light with everyone doing their part to manage this virus. But Joe Biden and Democrats still see it as a "dark period". The only darkness comes from them and their minions who have found an opportunity by using George Floyd's death to advance their political cause. It isn't Trump supporters rioting in the streets, it is Joe Biden supporters who are. They have created the hate and division then get on their high horse and lecture US about hate and division.

But Joe Biden doesn't believe anything he says. He is just a scripted puppet who has waited his entire life to be president. A career politician, he has been in office for almost fifty years yet not one person can tell you what he stands for. Most don't even know what a racist past he has. But just wait until Donald Trump gets his opportunity to confront him. The senile old man will get his clock cleaned.

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