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Joe Biden Wants Your Kids To Be Taught the Muslim Faith

Christians understand that human beings are flawed, therefore a perfect society can never exist. With that said, we need to understand how human nature is. Human nature is selfish and self absorbed. This is why by default people gravitate to the left and Democrats. It is much easier to want the government to take care of you than you taking care of yourself in pursuit of happiness and freedom. America is the only country in the history of the world designed with that goal in mind.

Think about this, except for America, the entire world has a leftist mindset. Because America's founding fathers (although not all were religious) all understood that the only way we could have an incredibly successful and generous country was by combating our human nature through the understanding of the Bible. To do what God sees as "ideal".

Sure, there are a small number of people who are disciplined without practicing a faith, but society as a whole will never prosper to the extent America has prospered without understanding human nature and how to combat it by moving in the opposite direction.

Have you noticed everything the Democrats do you scratch your head and say "they are doing the opposite of what is right"? Well, it's because once again they are following their human nature instead of doing what is right by God. Policy by policy you will begin to understand what I mean about the Democrats.

This is why the Democrats so vehemently have been trying to do away with Christianity. They know it is the last big thing standing in their way of being able to transform America. This is why they manipulate the meaning "separation between Church and State". Why they have been trying to remove every aspect of Christianity in our society all the while toleration the Muslim to the point that we are not even allowed to question Shariah Law. While schools are now prohibited to discuss anything about Christianity anymore and many will not even say the words "under God" during the "Pledge of Allegiance"

Joe Biden and the Democrats have told us that kids should start learning about the Muslim faith in schools..Wow.

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