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  • Crystal Prebola

The Left Is A Force of Destruction

Tell me what does the left not destroy? There is not one thing they have ever built other than chaos and destruction. That is because they thrive on people being angry and feeling like victims. If people weren't angry and didn't feel like victims, there wouldn't be a need for the radical change they are trying to impose on America. They don't like America - they HATE America. They despise everything it stands for. As Barack Obama said four days before his election "we are four days away from fundamentally transforming America" to the crowd of adoring fools at his campaign rally. He meant exactly what he said but people didn't truly understand what he meant. The left is never literal when they speak. They give you catch phrases and slogans but they can never give you the literal meaning of what they say because no one would agree with it. Again, the left wants to destroy America and they have already succeeded in destroying many aspects of our country. Journalism, Academia, The Sciences, The Arts, Religion, The Nuclear Family, Sports,Comedy. The military and law enforcement have been a few of the things left that have not been infiltrated by the left but with calls to defund police departments all over America you bet if Joe Biden is elected it will be a reality. We have to stand up to this nonsense. Donald Trump has been the lone warrior throughout all of this. We need to fight right along with him.

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