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  • Crystal Prebola

If You Have a "Love is Love" Bumper Sticker, You Can Be as Hateful As You Want

Everyday the left likes to remind us of how "hateful" and "racist" Conservatives and Republicans are and how apparently "loving" and "tolerant" they are. This, even while we see who are the ones torching cities throughout the country and killing people right now. But (in their twisted minds) they are "justified" because they're doing it in the name of fighting 'white supremacy' aka "Donald Trump's base".

As with the latest police shooting in Los Angeles, we can clearly see which side is hateful but with a complicit media doing the left's bidding; Democrats get away with practically anything. On social media some of the most vile hateful rhetoric comes from the left, not the right. Because Democrats and the left are driven by emotion not by rational thought. They are also driven by narcissism and a belief that they have a 'moral high ground'. They can get you fired and destroy your life because you don't agree with them but as long as they have a "Love is Love" bumper sticker, they are wonderful human beings.

The left has always been a hateful bunch but with the election of Donald Trump, their hatred came to the surface. They attack the president and his supporters on a personal level by claiming we are nothing more than bigots who are trying to oppress every single demographic accept white males. With this level of animosity, how could a group not be hateful? This kind of rhetoric and contempt should logically tell ANYONE it is THEY who are angry and hateful. We as Conservatives solely look at 'character' not skin color or gender. Plain and simple. It is the left who projects into us what they themselves are actually guilty of.

On inauguration day, Madonna took to the stage at the first big protest of Donald Trump's presidency "the women's march" and shouted "Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house".

Kathy Griffin in a skit she apparently thought would be funny, held up a bloodied severed head of president Trump. Don't know how this moron didn't think that would upset people. It's not only not funny, it's threatening to the president of the United States. Imagine what the media would have said had a conservative did that with a severed Barack Obama head?

Rapper Snoop Dogg made a music video in which he depicts himself assassinating president Trump. Actor Johnny Depp in front of an audience talks about how it's been a long time since "an actor assassinated a president". Implying Donald Trump should be assassinated.

Robert De Niro has repeatedly erupted in anger cursing out the president and threatening to 'punch him in the face'. He is permanently deranged! Then he again shouted profanities at president Trump on stage at an awards show and received a standing ovation from the crowd of lefties. Somehow the left truly feels that they are truly on some different level that they can behave in the most vile and hateful way they want and it is justified, and they shouldn't be considered 'hateful' because after all they are fighting truly 'awful people'. They are too ignorant to realize they are creating an image of themselves that they have projected onto us. Outside of California, most Americans are catching on.

Leftist celebrities are one thing but actual leftist Democrat politicians behaving this way is quite another, on the other hand they are the ones breeding the hate to begin with. They have created these monsters. No sooner had squad member Rashida Tlaib been elected when she decided to prance into the house with her office members present and shout out "we're going to impeach the mother fucker!". Such a classy woman.

California congresswoman Maxine Waters was seen on video telling a group of supporters that if they ever came across a Trump administration official at a restaurant, gas station etc. to create a crowd, surround them, and harass them. Democrats have accosted conservatives in restaurants and at their homes. Most recently several Republicans, including senator Rand Paul were almost seriously injured after being surrounded by a group of 'protesters' at the white house after leaving the Republican Convention. Senator Rand Paul had previously been assaulted by his leftist neighbor who put him in the hospital with broken ribs. Time and time again leftist democrats have harassed conservatives

Former president Barack Obama told a group of supporters to "get in the face" of their Republican neighbors. His Attorney General, Eric Holder said to an audience about Republicans "when they go low, we kick them". In June, Kamala Harris was on the Stephen Colbert show and she said about the rioters "They're not going to stop, and they shouldn't stop". At that time the unrest had turned to looting and the burning down of many businesses and people had been killed. Of course at that point the Democrats thought it would benefit politically.

Who can forget the deranged Bernie Sanders supporter who shot up Republicans at a practice session for the annual Congressional baseball game for charity in Alexandria Virginia? Congressman Steve Scalise was shot numerous times and was almost killed. How fast did the media forget about that story? In fact they tried hard not to mention that the shooter was a life long Democrat and Bernie Sanders supporter.

When president Trump's brother Robert Trump passed away, Democrats were tweeting that the 'wrong Trump' had died. Implying Donald Trump should have been the one that died.

No one talks about the level of security this president has, far outweighing what Barack Obama needed, even though Democrats claimed the first black president was in much danger by 'racist Republicans'. The level of security for Obama was not even close to that of Donald Trump. The left has become totally unhinged and deranged. When even the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said he would "beat the hell out of him", referring to president Trump. What is wrong with these people? How could a group who claims to be so against 'hate' be so hateful?

Just a couple of weeks ago, Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York basically threatened president Trump by telling him he would need a lot of security if he wanted to visit New York, meaning he would get his ass kicked by New Yorkers. Wouldn't that be considered 'inciting violence' towards the president of the United States? But, he gets away with it.

Recently, a 39 year old member of a conservative group called "Patriot Prayer" was shot and killed as he walked by a deranged self identified Antifa member. Aaron Danielson was in Portland counter protesting the violence by Black Lives Matter group when 49 year old Michael Reinoehl saw him and another Patriot Prayer group member walking down the street. He followed them then shot at them, striking Danielson. Danielson was killed because he was a Trump supporter.

The left and the Democrat party believe they are morally superior. And that they are allowed to behave and engage in any kind of way they want because conservatives are Republicans are horrible people that need to be stopped at all costs. They've created this facade that they are not engaging in bad behavior but are only fighting 'evil' people. In reality, the left behaves this way because they are the most hateful and angriest people in the country. No decent person would justify the treatment of this president and of this country by violent anarchists as anything but just bad people who are being driven by hate and nothing else. The left should practice what they preach because at this point no one is taking your "Coexist" bumper stickers seriously anymore.

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