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  • Crystal Prebola

The Savior of The Republican Party : Donald Trump

God always sends us men like President Trump during the times we need them most. He gives us examples of evil like Barack Obama, then we elect men like Donald Trump to reverse the destruction. Donald Trump has been a savior to not only America but to the Republican party. Before him, the party had entered into a murky swamp under men like George W Bush, John McCain, and Mitt Romney. Now, because of Trump the Republican party has been restored to what it was originally founded on. The principles of limited government and America first.

"Washington didn't change Donald Trump, Donald Trump changed Washington" Ivanka Trump said of her father during the last night of the Republican convention. But president Trump didn't change Washington, he restored it to it's founding. He has made the American people understand what the government should really be about - protecting the American people and doing what is in the best interest of the American people, not letting other countries like China take advantage of us.

The country is changing rapidly because of Donald Trump. The Republicans have completely flipped the mid west and rust belt from solid Democrat to solid Republican. The Republican party is now considered the party of the middle class and blue collar worker. Because of Donald Trump no one can any longer say the Republican party is the party of "the rich". We all knew it never was, but the old leaders of the Republican party never pushed back on this lie when Democrats would repeat it over and over.

The Democrats and the media hate is guts and have never accepted his election. Why do they hate him so much? Because they know they have finally met their match. They know he won't be George W. Bush and sit in the sidelines letting them make up stories about the true nature of their intentions. He exposes every lie they tell, and every tactic they use.

Black Americans are joining the Republican party at numbers we haven't seen in a hundred years. Rasmussen just came out with a poll that shows 20% of blacks now support the president, up from just 8% in 2016. If that number is accurate and shows up in the ballots, the race is over. The Democrats support of the hate group Black Lives Matter, is solely because they know without blacks, they can never win an election. But many are realizing now that they don't truly care for blacks. If they did they would have focused on cities like Baltimore and Chicago a long time ago. These cities are literally a war zone with black on black crime. Former president Barack Obama never even mentioned the problem in the eight years he was in office.

President Trump has effectively pointed out that if the Democrats truly cared about blacks and minorities, they would have supported "School Choice" from the beginning. Instead they deny the parents the right to pick the school of their choice they wish to have their children to attend. They force parents to send their kids to horrible schools with low quality education. This is the Democrat plantation they want generations to stay in. Then they turn around and blame Republicans and racism when children grow up without the proper education and proper tools needed for success. Black Lives Matter is trying to ruin the Nuclear Family, an institution that is vital for blacks to succeed in this country.

The Republican party now are fighters. We are no longer the party that is willing to let the Democrats and the media get away with manipulating society. This is a civil war and the Democrats have been fighting for a long time. Unfortunately, it took a very long time for Republicans to realize it. Fortunately, they finally have. Democrats aren't looking for a debate, they are looking to destroy us in any way they can. And now they also have the corporations to fund their violence. It's up to us to no longer engage with them, but just to expose every lie and every tactic they use. Keep fighting!!!!

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