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  • Crystal Prebola


The Trump presidency has both helped to reinstate American ideals but it has also exposed those whom have secretly despised this country and it's founding. Since the election of Donald Trump the Democrat party has shown it's true colors. Once the party of Jim Crow and the kkk, they are once again revolting against the American system. They've always been revolutionaries that never embraced American ideals. Whether it was during the civil war or now with their climate change and social justice policies they wish to enact. They use these extreme policy proposals as a way to distract Americans from what their true intentions are - fundamentally transforming America.

People who vote for the Democrats truly have no idea what the intentions of the Democrat party are. The Democrats are brilliant with wording. They use words and phrases that no one could disagree with - "Black Lives matter". Who could disagree with that? But the fact of the matter is, the movement has nothing to do with black lives. If BLM truly cared about black lives they would be protesting all the inner cities where black on black crime is off the charts. South side Chicago is literally a war zone with hundreds being murdered each and every year. No word from BLM or the Democrats.

The true intentions of the black lives matter and "social justice" movements is to dismantle the American capitalist system. Don't believe it? How did the BLM protests go from the killing of George Floyd to the targeting of "the rich". "Kill the rich!" and "Eat the rich!" graffiti is seen in the areas where "protesters" congregated. The destruction of businesses by these "mostly peaceful protesters" was all directed at the rich, or as they see it - the entire problem of our society.

But why is it that although the left has a monopoly in cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit, where all of these things occur, the left still continues to blame "white racists" for the problems. But since the Democrats run these cities, common sense should lead you to believe that it would be the Democrats who are the racists - common sense isn't so common anymore though.

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