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  • Crystal Prebola

What The Media Won't Tell You About VP Pick Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris was on the VP consideration list since the beginning, so it is no surprise. But most don't know her history as San Francisco prosecutor and her affair with sixty year old San Francisco mayor Willie Brown. Married at the time and twice her age, Brown made her who she is today. The affair helped propel Harris' career through Brown's political connections and donations. Old Willie even bought her a BMW. The Willie Brown machine helped boost her campaign when she decided to run for San Francisco district attorney. There would have been no other way this idiot could have done it.

Everyone in northern California were well aware of the cronyism under Brown. A favor for a favor is how the city was being run in the late nineties (Quid pro quo) And no doubt that is what led to Kamala Harris' win, because before that she had been trailing in the polls. "She's hauling in campaign cash likes there's no tomorrow" said the San Francisco Weekly. All the money came in from the wealthiest donors in San Francisco who were close to Willie Brown.

Throughout her years as district attorney, questions were raised about the campaign dollars she took from people who's cases were before her office - such as slumlords and hotel owners identified as "problematic" by city officials. A pattern had emerged that Harris was favoring individuals or institutions that were her political supporters. Seems, she learned well from her former boyfriend.

Harris talks a good game about being a 'sex victims' advocate yet as the catholic priest molestation accusations began to increase in San Francisco in the early 2000s, her office never prosecuted even one of the over forty priests that were being accused of abuse. At this time large sums of money to Harris' campaign was coming in from the Catholic church institutional hierarchy. Multiple law firms who were representing accused priests donated the maximum amount that is allowed by law to Harris' campaign. Pretty shady... Very recently when story came out about Joe Biden possibly sexually assaulting Tara Reade, a former Biden employee, Kamala said she 'believed' the woman. Goes to show you in the end power is the only thing that matters, considering her nominee acceptance today.

Seems, her political career and the advancement of it has always been determined by who she prosecuted and she did not. She has always claimed to be an advocate for minorities and the poor and disenfranchised, yet all she ever did was prosecute people who didn't have the means to donate large sums of money to her campaigns. It was not about the people or what was right, just about what would help propel herself. No Republican would have ever gotten this far in public office if they had even half the baggage she has. But as long as the media are left wing advocates, politicians like her will continue to get away with it.

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