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Yes, The Pic of KKK member Robert Byrd With Joe Biden Is Real

Those fools in the media can't help themselves can they? They're doing it again, telling us Trump's election is going to be an uphill battle.. Please.. He's running against a corpse! A senile old man who doesn't even know what state he is in. You have to be kidding me? Joe Biden, aside from the daily blunders he has a horrid past and has been wrong on every foreign policy issue. He's been in office for fifty years and if you ask someone in the media, aside from working with and supporting segregationists they can't name one single accomplishment. I get sick and tired of the media giving this racist a pass.His old friend, kkk member and Democrat majority member Robert Byrd might be endorsing him right now if he were still alive.

Joe Biden fought for segregated schools no matter how the media manipulates the story- it is what it is. The way the media goes out of their way to rationalize his position is outrageous! This man basically said blacks need to be with their own. And he believed the "white kids" would be held down if they were mixed in with black kids. Can you imagine if Donald Trump had a past like this? He would never have become president in the first place. I do not believe in "white privilege" but "Democrat privilege" definitely exists.

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